Wednesday, August 6, 2008

An Introductory Text

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus...Apparently, Mercury was feeling a little left out and decided that giving the world Autistic people would make him a part of the team.
Sounds stupid, eh?
Well, so does the idea that thiomersol (mercury) in vaccines caused Autism. Note the play on terminology and the linguistic paradox of words with multiple meanings - just in case you weren't paying attention.
Now; every scientist or medical professional worth his salt will tell you that the role of mercury in autism is nil. That is to say: there is no link between the two. Most "evidence" suggesting there is a link is interpretative. Wrapping evidence around a theory; as opposed to the other way round - a very anti-scientific approach.
When Autistic children seem to improve with chelation, special-diets or other such means - the parents or caretakers applying such techniques assume that the therapies are working. In fact; the rate at which these children improve is no different to that of Autistic children not on these programs. The only result is restricting an already somewhat limited life of an Autistic child - not only can they not interact socially, whilst many still can barely speak - or not at all, now with these quack-therapies, they are also stressed out and denied many food-types. Who knows what I would do without my pasta... I frickin' love Italian food.
I would like to know how people explain mercury "poisoning" of their children "into" Autism.How? Okay, so you say that the children were injected with these vaccines containing thiomersol, right? Now, how does it affect the brain?How do these mercury particles cause brain damage? Do they interfere with brain development? No, that can't work - otherwise, the child would be like any other child, only a little "slower" - probably evening out with an IQ around 85-95. That's assuming they come from two parents around 100 IQ.Could the particles be modifying the brain cells? After all; Autistic brain cells cannot make new connections as readily as another person.Frankly: I don't see that happening - otherwise, every single child vaccinated would be Autistic.Ah, but now the suggestion of a genetic predisposition - where only these people with the specific genetic sequence would become Autistic if introduced to mercury.
How does that work? I doubt that many children aren't exposed to fish during their early years: there are many baby foods containing tuna, and tuna sandwiches are a common lunch for toddlers - ask a parent!There is more mercury in that tuna than in vaccines. So, why do the "symptoms" typically manifest after vaccinations, if these children are readily exposed to higher levels of mercury - even in the drinking water in many cities! - before they get vaccinated?
Simple: The age that children are vaccinated is the same age as when signs of Autism are apparent.Why the seeming jump in numbers of Autistic children, around the same time as the introduction of mercury vaccines? That's one argument the mercury-did-it camp is shouting.That's easy! If a person carrying the Autistic gene has several children; there is a high probability of more than one child being Autistic!Simple multiplication! My father carries the gene: That's one. My brother and myself are the result.See? Now that's two more.Add to that, awareness of Autism is growing. In the olden days; people simply dubbed an Autistic as being insane or eccentric - and usually ordered a lobotomy. Now that people realise it exists - even without knowing for certain the what's or why's of it, those crazies and eccentrics are now recognised as Autistic people.
Autism is a genetic mutation. There is evidence to suggest it's origins go back for more than a thousand years: specifically how far, if at all, is as yet unkown. There is much research remaining to be done. But all that touting on about mercury does is interfere with that research. It drains resources from investigating genetic factors of Autism, into re-evaluating - again! - the possibility of mercury, simply because Googling protestors decided that they, without any scientific or medical knowledge, were correct in assuming that mercury was at fault. The children of these people, sadly, do not get the aid they require - which is simple aid, anybody can do it.
How do you help your Autistic child? Interaction. An Autistic child requires an average of five times (that's right, five times) the level of interaction a typical child would. That's simply because their brain cells cannot form new connections particularly well, and so they develop - within their Autistic boundaries, of course - at a much slower pace.
Now, I wish to specify that I don't like the idea of mercury in fish, water, or vaccines even. Other diseases can be caused by such.But not Autism.
Please, unless you are a qualified medical expert or scientist, do not interfere. Do not try to promote the mercury myth, do not campaign, do not rally, do not get involved. All you do is push progress back further.Even if you are a parent of an Autistic child: You yourselves are not Autistic. It does not concern you; it concerns your child.You are probably not professionals - and I certainly do not need more mini-celebrities parading around, simply repeating what they've read on Google.
To be blunt: stay out of it. Interact with your child more, do not give them those scam special treatments, but most of all stay out of it.


lurker said...

Your vicious misinformation with your aggression are unacceptable and are in need of reprimand!

Ishmael said...

Bite the hairist part of my nutsack, lurker you dickwad.

lurker said...

I'm sick of all of you smart people with your greed and instincts to control the less fortunate! I wonder how you would explain your intent for mentally disabled children to rot, to people in the outside world.

Ishmael said...

Fine, lurker, suck if you want - I'm not picky.

Greed? Instincts to control the less fortunate?

I've no financial lot in this; and, if you've failed to notice, it's your camp has been throwing your slanderous accusations on mercury, unfoundedly, which damages those you claim to speak in favor of!

Anonymous said...

Random speculation:

Perhaps some people just start with a higher probability of reacting to something in the vaccines? Not necessarily mercury...

Personally, I haven't found enough research about the topic to confirm either perspective. In my mind, if a planet's population is over 6 billion... Well, researching how twenty people were affected by something just isn't sufficient. Especially when the research being done seems irrelevant to the information being presented as a result.

Again, just random speculation.