Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Rose By Any Other Name...

Whilst it may smell just as sweet; you'd not want to be taking a whiff of a bit of Bumfluff Bramble, would you? No, didn't think so. Why make this point? Well, simple, really - I wish to ask, what's in a name?
In my nature, of course, I'll also endeavour to answer my own question - seeing as there's not many others around I'd view as well qualified to do so. Also because I happen to have stumbled across numerous Internet rants on the nature of Aspergers.For the last gods-forsaken time, no, Aspergers does NOT mean that said person is automatically a rapist/serial killer/terrorist. You would be - or maybe not - surprised at the number of blogs and
sites I've come across in which the subject was either about such or a member/poster stated such... it's startling, but not unexpected.

After all, unfortunately Aspergers has become a common criminal excuse - it's replaced the "temporary insanity" plea.Largely because so little information is available, and what there is is largely misinformation, any antisocial behaviour can be excusable by claiming, note CLAIMING, an "intellectual disablitiy".Ye gods, I hate that term... last I checked, I was a reasonably intelligent guy... of course, I'm a bit of a drinker, so I may just be a little confused in that respect.Regardless; that's official - if inaccurate - classification of Aspergers. That term is more applicable to classical Kanner's Autism, but, nonetheless...

In any case, my point - and this is largely for the benefit of any parents/friends, etc. of Aspergers people, my point is that, chances are, almost anything you hear on Aspergers is bollocks.Sadly enough, the people (I'm not going to mention names) who do this sort of thing get away with it, usually with a little extra sympathy in their pockets.It's, in short, fraudulent and damaging.

What I urge, in all cases, is that Autism - all variants - is largely an unknown thing. Certainly, awareness of it's existence is growing, largely detrimental awareness thanks to blonde bimbo
celebreties, you all know of whom I speak, but I urge objectivity in all senses. Applied scientific process to determine any and all factors/origins, etc. of Autism and Aspergers.
In the meantime, what I suggest is to treat Aspergers people not as inferiors, not to demonise them, but simply acknowledge their existence.

Say, oh, I dunno - "Oh, you're an Asperger. Whatever."
Much like - "Oh, you're from Victoria. Whatever."

See? It's easy not to care! Try it, you'll like it! Sounds much better than, "Aspergers? Isn't that the social disease that makes you kill people?"

Maybe even smells nicer, too...

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