Friday, August 8, 2008

An unfortunate argument...

Why do people insist on arguing that mercury causes Autism?
If they are so keen on finding a cure, would they not be interested in any options or possibilities?
So why do they get so hostile, so violent, and so defensive over the mercury myth?

Do they know, deep, deep down that they are just grasping at straws?
...or is it the financial gain the desire? We've all heard about their desperate attempts at lawsuits.

But, still, I'm curious to know why they resent their Autistic children? If ever you've spoken to one; you'll find, Mercury Parents complain about "how difficult it is to be the parent of an Autistic child".

Really? Don't they consider the Autistic child? Or do they think, simply because the child may not be able to communicate, the child has no thoughts or feelings?

Why do they insist on pressing their view of the issue, instead of expressing true scientific curiosity? Or even behave in what would be an expected manner - not as concerned, endeavouring parents, but almost cult-like in their belief.

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