Saturday, August 16, 2008

I See Googled People

Ah, Google. Where would we be without it? Personally, I'd be a little happier... but, then I'm in a different position to others. Oh, granted, it does make finding things easy - it's a wonderful convenience, and I use it all the time.
But, so do people with more... violent... concepts about people like me.

The problem is: Google is a search engine. That means that, so long as it exists, you find just what you are looking for. That's the nature of Google!

Unfortunately; parents of Autistic children use Google... a minor American celebrity, a parent of an Autistic child, even wrote in a book she had published, that the majority of information she received on Autism was Googled.

If you Google "cure for autism", chanes are you'll come across several dozen pages with "cure autism" in them.
Of course, if you Google, "the pyramids were built by aliens", you'll also find several dozen pages stating just that.

Google is a tool to find what you are looking for; as with all search engines. If you take your education from pages specifically containing what you hope you will find, you are not taking in the information required. You lose all objectivity in research by restricting you're options.
If you know how to appropriatly use a search engine; then the shining "fix your 'broken' child NOW!" commercials, usually with a few "easy monthly payments of $14.99" attached, can be ignored.

But, many parents of Autistic children aren't looking for information on how to improve the standard of living for their child. Or rather, they believe they are. By "curing" the child, by searching for the cure, by losing objectivity, they neglect the child.

The road to hell is, after all, paved with the best of intentions. Unfortunately, those people playing on those intentions for profit acknowledge this and use it to their advantage.

What it all boils down to is this: Googler beware.

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a good point you have there