Monday, September 15, 2008

Johnny Best and his Quest to Be Really Stupid!

Johnny "Sunday dancer" Best's attempt to... Educate... Parents of autistic children into using dangerous chelation treatments, an extreme resort for direct heavy metals poisoning, on their children to remove the mythical mercury from their bodies, "curing" them of autism... For monthly payments over the course of years, during which time autistic children develop on their own - which is anectdotally attributed to chelation - and severely restricting the childs limited freedoms, basic rights, and that is only if the child even survives!

His blog, , is a site filled with Nazi-style hate propaganda against any who defy his concept that all autistic are classically low-functioning autistics - though, in the real world, not his fantasy land, they are only a minority.

Some few pay heed to his... Opinions... For the children of such people; I feel sorry.

I do not intend for a blogging war with this... "man", but as I aim to provide my blog in hopes of spreading information on Autism, I must also inform people of the danger of following this clearly unbalanced persons advice...
Steer clear of his wrong, twisted, sickening website if you hope to ease your childs life as an autistic.

The man is very, very dangerous - and has made several death threats and claims to have intent to "euthanize" (murder) his autistic son, to "save" him.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for speaking up and out! I've been wondering if his blog has been reported to the authorities for child endangerment. He sounds more unhinged than the average antivaxxer, and I think he could very well be a danger to his child.

Anonymous said...

This is great info to know.